Package Anode Zinc

Package Anode Zinc

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Packaged Zinc Soil anodes are widely used as an effective method of mitigating corrosion in select soil conditions. Manufactured to the ASTM B-418-01, Type II alloy standard, generating an open circuit potential of -1.10V CSE. Made from 99.99% pure zinc, anodes offer 90% current efficiency with a current capacity of 335 amp – hours /lb. This high purity composition also assures the anodes are more resistant to passive films.

Packaged Zinc Soil Anodes come standard in a Cardboard tube but are also available in a cloth cotton bag. The anodes are produced in a variety of weights, and are packaged in a 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite and 5% sodium sulfate mixture for use in low resistivity soil environments.

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