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MICRO VALVE / Microvalve

The Micro Valve® has provided successful service through thousands of applications. This makes choosing the right miniature instrument and control valve a snap. The basic unit consists of a 3-way, 2-position valve and may be adapted for 2-way shut off service. Also, pressure can be applied to any port. Four-way combination valves are also available. Choose Micro Valve®, the best valve to solve liquid, air, and gas service design problems. It absolutely will not leak. With other valves leakage can occur when flow is re-directed from one port to another. The Micro Valve® will not leak because flow is re-directed instantly 


With a unique, over-center snap-action you get a quick, sure response. There are no sliding seals, packing, or tight-fitting moving parts to leak, wear out or stick. Therefore, no lubricants are required. Every Micro Valve® is immersion tested to check for leakage and functionality when under pressure, Micro Valves® will withstand abrasive-bearing fluids. With all ports having some connection, external contaminants cannot enter the units. Dirt and grit will not prevent tight seating and will not cause the valve to stick.


The valve offers sure response, with no “neutral” position, and no varying time lag between positions. Micro Valves® maintain selected position without holding force, and cannot be vibrated or jarred out of position. Valve action is full-speed regardless of operator speed or force applied. Trip-point position repeats accurately and is essentially independent of the speed of the external actuating device. Light operating forces are required and not affected by operating pressure or flow rate. Shut-off is bubble-tight up to rated pressures.

Sizes Available :

3/8" or  1/4"


  • Pressure Switches
  • Level Controls
  • Limit Switches on cylinder actuated devices
  • Injection Pumps
  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Filling or sampling applications
  • Air Blow off nozzles
  • Diverting Valves
  • Special inquiries invited
  • Chemical Pumps

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