Invalco Models CADM-2501B & CADM-3801B Snap Acting/ Pressure Switch:

Invalco Models CADM-2501B & CADM-3801B Snap Acting/ Pressure Switch:

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Invalco Models CADM-2501B & CADM-3801B ADJUSTABLE, Snap Acting/ Pressure Switch:


The INVALCO Model CADM is a diaphragm-operated pilot valve for pneumatic or hydraulic control. The unit may be equipped with one, two, or three snap-acting three-way Micro Valves to provide on/off output to one or more controlled circuits. Two Micro Valve sizes and four spring ranges provide extreme flexibility in application to simple or complex control systems. Since the Micro Valves are completely isolated from the diaphragm, and also isolated from each other, various control output pressures and media may be used in the same CADM pilot.


Materials of Construction
Diaphragm Case Aluminum
Micro Valve® Case Aluminum
Micro Valve® • Aluminum body, stainless trim, Buna-N inserts and seals
• Other materials available on special order
Maximum Working Pressure • Micro Valve: 100 psig
• Actuator: See table on page 2
Stem and Bushing Stainless and brass

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