Desi Dri HP A

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Desi Dri HP A 

Water vapor is a common impurity found in natural
gas. Operating problems caused by condensing water
vapor can include: gas line freezing, formation of
hydrates in meters, valves etc. and corrosion due to
wet conditions. Most pipeline companies require some
level of gas quality. DESI-DRI HPA is an inexpensive way to reduce
moisture content of natural gas. DESI-DRI HPA can
be used in systems with higher temperature gas. The
tablet allows for good contact between the gas stream
and the medium, which will reduce channeling and
bridging and gain maximum drying effectiveness. DESI-DRI HPA can be used by itself or in combination
with other grades of desiccant, such as DESI-DRI C.
In this application the natural gas flows through the
DESI-DRI HPA first, removing the majority of the
moisture and then through the DESI-DRI C to further
reduce dew points. This arrangement is more cost
efficient because the more expensive DESI-DRI C
lasts longer.


DESI-DRI HPA is a tablet that has several advantages
over competitive pellets and briquettes. Made with over ten tons of compression. Harder, more dense tablets resist caking, channeling, blooming and dusting
Minimizes re-crystallization in sump with gas
temperature above 85oF.

Purity 95%
Appearance White Tablet
Diameter 1” Height 0.735” Tablet Width ~9.5 grams
Bulk Density 69-62lbs/cu.ft
Solubility in Water Complete


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