Desi Dri C

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Desi Dri C

Natural gas pipeline moisture specifications can be
difficult to meet. Desiccants lower relative humidity
to an acceptable level. Unfortunately, common
desiccants often do not take enough water out of the
gas to meet more stringent specifications. DESI-DRI
C is three times more effective than the more common
desiccants. DESI-DRI C effectively lowers relative
humidity to meet gas pipeline specifications. DESI-DRI C can be used by itself or in combination
with DESI-DRI HPA. In this application the natural gas
flows through the DESI-DRI HPA first, removing the
majority of the moisture and then through the DESI-DRI C to meet specifications. The arrangement
is more cost effective because the DESI-DRI C lasts
longer. DESI-DRI C is a tablet that virtually eliminates
powder and broken briquettes.

DESI-DRI C is a tablet that has several advantages
over competitive pellets and briquettes.

Made with over ten tons of compression.

Harder & more dense tablets resist caking, channeling, blooming and dusting. High purity means greater activity, longer life and
lower dew points. 

Tablets virtually eliminate broken, shattered and
dusted product.

Purity 98.5%


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