Cone Checks/Witches Hat

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Cone Checks/Witches Hat 

With flow in the forward direction, once design
pressure is reached the diaphragm deflects inwards
(A) allowing easy passage of the gas or liquid. When there is no flow or low pressure conditions the
A= Valve Open C= Diaphragm
B=Valve Closed D= Cone


Tight shutoff under minimum pressure
Quick response
Low resistance
Lightweight construction
Easy installation
Limited maintenance. Simple design
Operates in any direction, vertical, up, down or horizontal
High material specification
Simple incorporation into original equipment

Operating Temperature 355 ̊F/180 ̊C
Maximum Peak Temperature 395 ̊F/200 ̊C

Tight shutoff under minimum pressure

0-2 PSI

3-5 PSi

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