Anode Bag Magnesium

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Anode Bag Magnesium Anode

Available in size 5 Ib ,9 Ib,18 Ib,20 IB ,32 IB

Power in galvanic cathodic protection is generated by the anode. With  line of high potential anodes, you get the most powerful protection available today. Cast from high-purity magnesium, these anodes produce an open circuit potential of  -1.75 to -1.77 volts (CSE), which is 20 to 30 percent greater than conventional magnesium anodes. This high-driving voltage means greater protection can be delivered from fewer anodes.

Efficiency of the anode is enhanced even further when installed in a backfill of 75 percent gypsum, 20 percent bentonite, and 5 percent sodium sulfate. This special mixture lowers anode-to-earth resistance, and allows electrical current to flow more easily to the targeted structure. Each production run of high potential anodes is subject to G-97 analysis. This ensures the anodes you purchase will perform as specified.


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